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Dry Bean Producers’ Organisation

The Dry Bean Producers’ Organisation (DPO) is a commodity organisation acting in the interests of the dry bean industry as a whole.


Beanex is an electronic trading platform for beans acting as a reliable brokerage in the interest of both dry bean producers and buyers.

Dry Bean Seed

Dry Bean Seed produces high quality disease-free certified and certified seed for the DPO. Red Speckled and Small White beans are the main types.


Plantovita tests dry bean seed and seed potatoes at their fully equipped laboratory complex at Zeekoegat north of Pretoria.

Coen Bezuidenhout-Saadtoetssentrum

CBS is a property company of the DPO owning two plots at Zeekoegat north of Pretoria, housing an office block, laboratory, processing plant and storage.

Seed Pro Processors

(Information will be added soon)

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