Plantovita (Pty) Ltd

Plantovita undertakes the testing of seed, including dry bean seed and seed potatoes, at a laboratory complex situated at Zeekoegat north of Pretoria. The tests include tests to determine the occurrence of virus, bacterial and fungal diseases in seed samples, as well as the germination of the seed. Producers needing guidance with regard to the occurrence of any disease in a planting are welcome to approach Plantovita for a diagnostic test(s).Plantovita has at its disposal fully equipped laboratories and the necessary expertise to render the required laboratory services.
All the seed produced and processed by the seed company Dry Bean Seed, as well as all the Pannar dry bean seed destined for the export market, is tested for the occurrence of specific dry bean diseases at Plantovita.

Within the potato industry of South Africa Plantovita is accredited by the Independent Certification Council for Seed Potatoes as the controlling potato seed testing laboratory.
As such Plantovita coordinates the laboratory standards and activities of all the seed potato laboratories in South Africa and makes recommendations with regard to the accreditation of these laboratories to the Independent Certification Council for Seed Potatoes.

To this end audits of the laboratories are carried out by the specialists at Plantovita. As controlling laboratory Plantovita is also responsible for the training of all laboratory personnel within the Potato Laboratory Services Group.

At this stage the potato industry of South Africa
– and specifically the potato laboratory companies
– holds 80% of the shares in Plantovita and the Dry Bean Producers’ Organisation (DPO) 10%.


For more information in connection with Plantovita and the laboratory activities, contact:

Marieta Botha

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